6 Things to Know for a Smoother Renovation

If you are living in your home during the renovation process, we want to make it as easy as possible for you!  We have been through the process many times ourselves, so we understand what it is like to have work crews in your personal space.  We want you to know what to possibly expect so it’ll be easier for you to continue living your life. These tips should hopefully ease the experience for you.

  1. Home Access. Although we may be renovating on the first floor, the second floor or basement may also be affected by some construction traffic.  Our team may need to shut off the water in the basement, or open a faucet on the second floor, or find out which outlets in the master bedroom are affected by a circuit breaker.  We will always let you know where we need to be and will ask for access.
  2. Dust & Fumes. Even after sealing off a room to be remodeled, a fine layer of dust can drift to other parts of your home. You may also encounter fumes from primer, stain or lacquer.  With advancements in technology, and the quality products we use, the fumes may dissipate more quickly, but it’s good to know if you have allergies or are sensitive to fumes.
  3. Air Conditioner / Heating. We may have to turn off the air conditioner or heating unit to prevent fumes from traveling through the air ducts.  It is usually just for the day, and we will let you know when you can turn it back on.  Be prepared with fans in the warmer months, space heaters for the colder months.  You may want to change your air filters when construction is completed.
  4. Noise. Sometimes it will get really loud!  Kitchen tile may need to be knocked out, followed by thumping nail guns and whining saws.  Some of our clients work from home and find it helpful to use noise reducing headsets.  It’s nice to take a break from the noise and walk the dog around the neighborhood or meet a friend at the local coffee shop.
  5. Timeline. We may find things that need to be fixed before we can safely move forward, and this may extend the completion date.  After knocking through a wall, we may discover electrical wiring that isn’t safe or needs to be brought up to code, or we may find incorrect plumbing.  We want you to live safely in your newly remodeled area, and we care about fixing these issues.  This may also extend the budget.  Other effects on the timeline are accessories or appliances on backorder.  A vender may notify us that a backorder will now take 4 weeks instead of 2.  An item may arrive with damage that occurred during shipping.  We can continue to work on other things in the meantime, but sometimes this will cause a bit of a delay.
  6. Party! It’s time to enjoy what you have been waiting for!  Invite your family and friends over for a housewarming party to show off your newly remodeled kitchen, living room or outdoor area.  It’s also nice to invite your neighbors and thank them for putting up with extra noise or extra work trucks along the street.  Have fun and enjoy!

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