5 Reasons You’ll LOVE Hardwood Floors

1.  Elegance  

From a design concept, hardwood floors and stairs are more elegant.  They provide a clean look that complements any style.

We just completed these hardwood stairs.  The homeowner loves this new look.  We have a full-time flooring specialist with over 15 years experience with hardwood flooring.

Stairs showing ornate railing edited

2.  Maintenance 

Carpet catches spills that become difficult stains and are overall very difficult to keep clean.  Hardwood floors are much easier to maintain.

3.  Long-term 

Carpet can become very worn, very quickly, especially in high traffic areas.  Hardwood is much better for long-term wear throughout your home.

Greer high traffic area



4.  Allergies 

Carpet collects dust and pet dander that can make living with allergies very difficult.  Hardwood is much more pet friendly and easier to keep clean and dust free.

Speaking of pet friendly…  can you spot the cutest photobomb in this remodeled master suite?

master with gray rug and photobomb


Hardwood flooring with a plush rug is the best of everything.  It is pet friendly, looks luxurious, and your first step out of bed will be soft and comfy!


Greer close up of dog
















5.  Opens a room 

Carpet breaks up rooms, making the rooms look smaller.  When you extend hardwood throughout your home, the rooms will look much larger and have a better design flow.

Fuller lo res



If you like having carpet to have a comfortable spot to sit or lay on, you can have both elegance and comfortable!

You can keep the design flow with the hardwood floors, then bring in a gorgeous rug.  That way, your family can still find a comfy spot.

 family room rug

area rug








Rugs can be removed for cleaning and are much easier to maintain than an entire room of carpet.  And it’s much more economical to replace a worn out rug than worn out carpet.















We did not install this flooring, but we brought in this rug to warm the room.  The bonus during dinner parties is that you no longer have an echo in the room.  Harwood and rugs really bring a luxurious feel!

Fuller dining room with rug



Are you ready for your new hardwood floors?  Have questions?  We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.


  1. Michelle

    I always love your designs, Julie. These rooms are beautiful, both the flooring and the way you have placed the furniture. Love the photobomb, what a sweetie! Looks like our Charlie.

    • Julie Walsh

      Thank you, Michelle! Our photographer said he started posing for the pictures, so cute!

  2. Lee Parker

    The wood floors are absolutely gorgeous .What elegance they add to the home. I love the idea of adding rugs to the room and creating another look and adding comfort. The master suite is so luxurious and welcoming.

    • Julie Walsh

      Thank you, Lee!

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