Inspiration from Europe’s old & new!

We took a special family trip to Europe during the holidays and got to be in Paris for New Year’s!  I am always inspired when we travel.  Europe has blended their centuries old buildings with modern style very well.  From a gorgeous 18th Century chateau in France to the museums in London, the juxtaposition of old and new gave me so many creative ideas.  Our time in Paris was special, knowing that after all they have been through, they are still open for the world to come and be inspired.

Family in front of Eifel

While visiting museums and historical buildings, not only is the architectural work stunning, the new and modern décor highlights the talented work of the artisans.  But it was not a modern design that left you with a cold and sparse look.  It was warm and luxurious.  Like this gorgeous flat in Paris.

Cocotte airbnb Paris


You don’t have to use older furniture just because the building is hundreds of years old. The modern design with ghost chairs and clean lines highlights the original wood floors and crown molding throughout. And for such smaller homes, I am impressed with their great use of space.  The modern design lends to functional use and open space.

Cocotte airbnb Paris fireplace



With new cabinets, furniture and appliances, it is the best of both worlds. You can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the original architecture with new and modern designs that are functional and convenient.

Cocotte airbnb Paris hall
















The Musée du Louvre in Paris.  Or simply… The Louvre


The Louvre was built on the site of a castle from the Middle Ages, constructed in 1527. The pyramid was more recently constructed and opened in 1989. The pyramid was built to provide natural lighting and ventilation to the underground buildings, including the Pyramide Inversée serving the underground shopping center located in front of the museum. The juxtaposition of contrasting styles is one of the most inspiring blends between ancient and modern.

Louvre stairs

Family at the Louvre






















Have a piece of Versailles in your home!

ceiling and chandelier

















This is actually our client’s home.  Versailles looks lovely here!

Breakfast nook 2



















The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Baron Gérard, one of France’s most gorgeously presented provincial museums near Normandy, France.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful displays, especially of items that may seem old and tired.  Items like plain white dishes or lace can be boring on their own.


These modern displays allowed your eye to focus on each item and appreciate the artist’s work.  It is the same in your home.  You don’t have to use a square design that looks cold.  These museum displays, with symmetrical curves, made it much more interesting and exciting to look at.

Case modern design







Case modern design 2























This next display inspired me to encourage clients to hold onto those sentimental pieces of furniture.  Get out of your box and do something different and unexpected.  You don’t have to hang your chairs from the ceiling, but by doing something unexpected, you can create a new design with what you already have.  You can refurbish furniture and choose new fabric with pretty colors.































And now to be inspired in LONDON!

designer guild kings street 2

Modern doesn’t mean you can’t use color.  At Designers Guild on King’s Street in London, I loved how the color palette blended beautifully, keeping the spotlight on the architecture. It is elegant with clean lines blended in the background.  It wasn’t color for the sake of color, which can be very unattractive when it is not done the right way.



designer guild kings street







designer guild kings street 3




















Just looking at the London skyline, I was again captivated with the blended architecture of stately old and modern new.

London Bridge with new buildings skyline


Things we LOVED!

New inspiration for lighting! Tom Dixon lighting.

Lighting Tom Dixon




































































I love this large graphic in wallpaper












And this floating platform bed.






































This amazing pub in Leicester Square, Greene King.  I loved the blend of the old pub with modern tufted walls for texture, modern lighting and leather embossed wallpaper.


We truly loved our time in Europe and I returned home with so many inspirations and creative ideas.  It was a fun surprise to then find my issue of Luxe Magazine with a cover of what looked like many of my personal photos!  It looks like we are on trend to bring some of these designs to homes in the Southlake area.  With the popular Old World style that dominates many of the area homes, we can bridge a look of old and new to accentuate the architecture and designs. It will truly bring a unique design to your home.

Luxe Jan 2016 cover


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