At Sterling Renovations & Design, we love our work!  We love that our clients become friends, we love caring for their homes and bringing their dreams to reality.  And we especially love our team that helps make this all possible!  Our team at Sterling is our family.  We have worked with them for many years, some for over a decade.  We have had birthday parties, swim parties and have watched their precious children grow up.

Our selfie with Edgar!  Our stellar painter for many years now, Edgar will take the greatest care of your home.  We love Edgar because he is as picky as we are and takes great pride in high quality work.  But we are mostly Edgar fans because he and his family are kind and generous.

Edgar with selfie

Miguel and his beautiful family.  We had a fun summer swim party with our team and their families!  We adore Miguel and his strong commitment to hard work.  He wants the best for his family and that translates into wanting the best at each project.

Miguel and family

kids swimming



kids swimming and wave

This is why we can stand behind our quality.  Our team is trustworthy and full of amazing talent.  And they enjoy working together to bring the highest quality.

Angel Miguel David Marty


Raquel, our design assistant, hanging out with Max our Shop Dog!  Raquel believes in our philosophy to do whatever it takes to get a project done right!  We also love Raquel’s compassion for animals.  So does Max!Raquel with Max

When we create an estimate, we don’t arrive to a home, look around and give ballpark numbers.  That’s usually why estimates are free.  But that’s not helpful and leads to many problems during the process.  Our estimates are much more involved and thorough on both the remodeling side and the interior design side.  At the very first consultation, we bring in our team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and skills.  We take measurements, discuss ideas about what you can do with your home, which walls can be removed and which need to remain.  Once you open up walls or move plumbing, situations arise for which only experienced professionals can apply their knowledge and handle it safely and keep the project moving with as few inconveniences as possible.


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