When clients become friends

One of our favorite parts about remodeling homes is making new friends.  Some go back  a decade ago or longer, and we have since been called back for more remodeling.  Others we met last year and are now remodeling other rooms for them.  It’s a great feeling when you have repeat clients.  You know you are making them happy and that you have earned their trust.  What is really special to us, we have made great friends to celebrate life with.

This is what David is working on at the moment.  A client whose home we remodeled twice in 2016 has asked us for an addition to his home – we are honored!  With David’s knowledge and expertise, he is working on these renderings to help our client visualize the concept and approve choices.  The 3D software is great for this.

3D visuals




It was at a surprise party for Julie where we realized that most of the cherished friends gathered around the table had started out as clients!






When you think about it, remodeling is very personal.  We try to understand how our clients think.  Some joke that we know how to get into their heads and read their minds! These women will tell you that!




What a compliment to be invited back to enjoy a kitchen you have remodeled for a wonderful family.

Winch kitchen





























And this lovely kitchen!

Tran kitchen with Mimi and Lisa




























Even more fun to attend concerts and meet up at fabulous restaurants!

Walsh Tran WinchKay Allen Lisa Winch Mimi Tran with Julie




We enjoy working together to make our community a better place.  Some of our clients have raised their children here along with ours.  Others are new to this area and beginning to invest their time with the many volunteer opportunities.  What a great feeling to be a part of this together!




Norma SWC





Not only a repeat client turned friend, but a repeat photoshoot at this gorgeous home!

76092 mag logo

Norma 76092 photoshoot





360 West logo

Norma Whitt photoshoot May 2014 360 West


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