Here’s what we can dream up with our 3D Renderings!

The word “Design” in Sterling Renovations & Design reflects our services of interior design and home styling.  It also reflects our ability to offer renderings.  We love to show you possibilities and explore a look you may not be able to picture in your mind.  Our designers can see your entire design and exciting things we want to create in your kitchen, bath or living room.  We want you to love it, too.  So here’s how we show you what is in our mind!

Here is the rendering.  There was a wall where the bar stools now are.



Dream becomes reality.  Here is the AFTER!  This home remodel was featured in 76092 Magazine.


This is the BEFORE of this now open kitchen:


In this next home, one of the homeowners wasn’t able to imagine the color scheme of the gold accessories and the black and gold vent hood.  By seeing it in our rendering, both husband and wife loved it.

Here is the rendering.


The AFTER! This is a backlit Onyx wall.  Featured in 817 Home Magazine.


Here is the BEFORE with the very small island:


Are you ready to see your dream?  Contact us here!

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